January 16, 2019


DriveTime Metrics and Otonomo Partner to Provide Privacy Protected, In-Vehicle Listening Insights to Media, Brands and Advertisers

Jamestown, RI and Herzliya, Israel, January 16, 2019 – Drive Time Metrics and Otonomo today announced that they have partnered to provide privacy protected, in-vehicle listening insights to media, brands and advertisers. Drive Time Metrics will use data from Otonomo’s automotive data service platform to help revolutionize radio measurement by providing the industry with better understand of what media appeals to drivers, while also protecting data privacy.

More audio listening happens in vehicles than anywhere else, but media brands and advertisers have few insights into in-vehicle listeners’ tastes and preferences. However, today’s connected cars generate granular digital data from multiple audio sources, including AM/FM/HD/DAB, internet radio (Pandora, Spotify, etc.), satellite radio, CDs, and stored music. By partnering with Otonomo, Drive Time Metrics can tap into this data in a secure way, while respecting drivers’ privacy needs.

“We are excited to be working with Otonomo to give the media industry innovative, modern analytics techniques,” said Roderick MacKenzie, Chief Executive Officer at Drive Time Metrics. “Understanding what’s happening in vehicles is incredibly valuable for optimizing programming to meet today’s listener needs and preferences. Otonomo will help us achieve this while maintaining privacy standards.”

The Otonomo automotive data services platform ingests, anonymizes, cleanses, and normalizes automotive data from multiple sources, including OEMs and other data providers. Drive Time Metrics utilizes data that is dynamically anonymized through the Otonomo Anonymization Engine, to protect drivers’ privacy. The Anonymization Engine uses multiple sophisticated techniques to remove multiple types of information that could potentially identify drivers, while maintaining the data’s usability for media measurement.

“Partnering with Drive Time Metrics is helping us grow the automotive data ecosystem and increase the value generated from automotive data,” said Ben Volkow, CEO and founder of Otonomo. “In-vehicle listening analytics are an ideal use case for automotive data, and we’re glad to be supporting Drive Time Metrics while protecting drivers.”

Drive Time Metrics insights and analytics are available to audio providers, advertisers, ad agencies, and consulting firms today. To learn more, visit www.DriveTimeMetrics.com. To learn more about the Otonomo automotive data services platform, visit www.otonomo.io.

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